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Wakulla County Courthouse Burned in 1892

Did you ever wonder why you couldn’t find all of Wakulla County’s old records? Arlene Vause shared that our courthouse burned in 1892. The land records were saved, but this area has a unique situation with land records. Most of Wakulla County was in what they called the Forbes Purchase which was through the Apalachicola Land Company, a private company out of New York City. So the land bought in the Forbes Purchase was not filed with the county and state. Therefore, land records from back then are limited, but there are some.


Celebrity Visits Wakulla Museum And Archives

Wakulla County Historical Society reaches our local area and far beyond with important genealogical information. Recently, we had a celebrity from California, with roots in Wakulla County, visit the Museum. Read all about it in the “WCHS Historic News In Review.” Call 850-926-1110 to get your copy or visit the Museum and Archives.

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