Wakulla County Historical Society

"A morsel of genuine history is a thing so rare as to be always valuable." Thomas Jefferson

Historic Trivia – Do you know the answer?

13 colonies flagWhat do the strips represent on the flag of the thirteen United States?

Read on for the answer.The original act of Congress said that the flag of the thirteen United States would have thirteen stripes, alternated with red and white, and the union would be thirteen stars, white in a field of blue, representing a new constellation. The stripes represented the 13 states of the Union.

Attributed to George Washington was that it takes the stars from the heavens, and the red from our mother country, separated by white stripes, and the white stripes would mean liberty.

As new states were added, a stripe and star was added for each state, But when the flag reached 15 stars and stripes, it was reverted so that the stripes remain at 13 to honor the first 13 colonies and a star is added for each state.


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