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Welcome Public Relations Coordinator Sandra Vidak

Wakulla County Historical Society LogoWe want to thank Sandra Vidak for taking on the position of Public Relations Coordinator for the Wakulla County Historical Society . Sandra has been a long-time supporter of the Society.

Thanks Sandra!


The wreck of the Dispatch | TheWakullaNews.com

Read John Robert’s Monthy feature at Wakulla News. Thank you to The Wakulla News for making this public content.

The wreck of the Dispatch | TheWakullaNews.com.

This Day in History

 Dakota Uprising Begins in Minnesota

Minnesota erupts in violence as desperate Dakota Indians attack white settlements along the Minnesota River. The Dakota were eventually overwhelmed by the U.S. military six weeks later.

The Dakota Indians were more commonly referred to as the Sioux, a derogatory name derived from part of a French word meaning “little snake.” They were composed of four bands, and lived on temporary reservations in southwestern Minnesota. For two decades, the Dakota were poorly treated by the Federal government, local traders, and settlers. They saw their hunting lands whittled down, and provisions promised by the government rarely arrived. Worse yet, a wave of white settlers surrounded them.

The summer of 1862 was particularly hard on the Dakota. Cutworms destroyed much of their corn crops, and many families faced starvation. Dakota leaders were frustrated by attempts to convince traders to extend credit to tribal members and alleviate the suffering. On August 17, four young Dakota warriors were returning from an unsuccessful hunt when they stopped to steal some eggs from a white settlement. The youths soon picked a quarrel with the hen’s owner, and the encounter turned tragic when the Dakotas killed five members of the family. Sensing that they would be attacked, Dakota leaders determined that war was at hand and seized the initiative. Led by Taoyateduta (also known as Little Crow), the Dakota attacked local agencies and the settlement of New Ulm. Over 500 white settlers lost their lives along with about 150 Dakota warriors.

President Abraham Lincoln dispatched General John Pope, fresh from his defeat at the Second Battle of Bull Run,Virginia, to organize the Military Department of the Northwest. Some Dakota fled to North Dakota, but more than 2,000 were rounded up and over 300 warriors were sentenced to death. President Lincoln commuted most of their sentences, but on December 26, 1862, 38 Dakota men were executed at Mankato, Minnesota. It was the largest mass execution in American history.

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Historic Trivia – Do you know the answer?

13 colonies flagWhat do the strips represent on the flag of the thirteen United States?

Read on for the answer. Read more…

This Day in History – August 16, 2012

August Calendar

This Day In History

Sometime prospector George Carmack stumbles across gold while salmon fishing along the Klondike River in the Yukon.

George Carmack’s discovery of gold in that region sparked the last great western gold rush, but it was pure chance that he found it. In contrast to the discoverers of many of the other major American gold fields, Carmack was not a particularly serious prospector. He had traveled to Alaska in 1881 drawn by the reports of major gold strikes in the Juneau area, but failing to make a significant strike, he headed north into the isolated Yukon Territory. There he spent his days wandering the wilderness with the friendly Tagish Indians and fishing for salmon. Read more about it…

Wakulla County Historical Society to accept gift conveyance of land for Heritage Village from the Ben Boynton family

By Murray McLaughlin

The Wakulla County Historical Society announced today that it will be celebrating the gift conveyance of almost 40 acres of land from the Ben Boynton family at 10:00 a.m. on August 17, 2012.  The conveyance will take place at the Zion Hill United Methodist Church which is adjacent to the land to be conveyed.  The Boynton family, members of the Wakulla County Commission, members of the Wakulla County Historical Society and the general public has been invited to help celebrate this historic event.

Contact Murray McLaughlin, Chairman, Heritage Village Chairman

Home  850-926-3027

Cell      850-519-5063

Remember to wear your WCHS blue shirt to show support.

This Day In History

August Calendar

This Day In History

On this day in 1780, American Lieutenant Colonel Francis Marion, the “Swamp Fox,” and his irregular cavalry force of 250 rout a party of Loyalists commanded by Major Micajah Gainey at Port’s Ferry, South Carolina. Meanwhile, General Horatio Gates’ men consumed half-baked bread, which sickened them overnight and contributed to their disastrous performance at the Battle of Camden, also in South Carolina, the following day. Read more about it…

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