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There Are Confederate Salt Works Ruins All In Our Marshes…

Salt Works

Confederate Salt Works In Our Marshes

Confederate Salt Works
St. Andrews Bay, Florida to Apalachee Bay, Florida
By John Y. Roberts
Wakulla County Historical Society

My grandfather, John Y. Gresham, Sr., (1888-1957) was keeper of the St. Marks Lighthouse situated at the mouth of the St. Marks River, Apalachee Bay, in Wakulla County.  He was the longest serving keeper of that lighthouse, having held that position from 1918 to 1949.  Always curious about the history of that area, as a young boy prior to my grandfather’s death, I asked him many questions.  I recalled something he told me so many years ago that I never forgot.  It was something like this, “Son, not too many people know of this because of the remote and nearly inaccessible locations of them, but all around these salt marshes there are the ruins of salt making works built by the Confederates so they could supply salt to the people and armies of the Confederacy.”  More


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One thought on “There Are Confederate Salt Works Ruins All In Our Marshes…

  1. Danyell on said:

    John y gresham is kin to me on my grandmothers side we are from wakulla my grandmother was an Oliver and married a young.

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