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Support WCHS Non-Profit, Tax Deductible Organization

Support WCHS Non-Profit, Tax Deductible Organization.

Singer Treadle Sewing Machine Donated by Mike Kinsey

The Treadle Sewing Machine made women's life much easier

The Singer Treadle Sewing Machine
By Cathy Frank

The invention of the sewing machine during the mid-nineteenth century changed women’s lives. Godey’s Lady’s Book praised the sewing machine as “the queen of inventions,” noting that “it will do all the drudgeries of sewing, thus leaving time for the perfecting of the beautiful in woman’s handiwork.”

Although the sewing machine never replaced hand quilting, women took advantage of this new technology to apply bindings or assemble blocks and backings. The quilts displayed in our museum range from entirely handmade to combinations of machine and hand stitching to completely machine-made, showing how progress has affected the art of patchwork.

Elias Howe, Jr., and Isaac Merritt Singer: Although Elias Howe, Jr., is generally credited with patenting the first practical sewing machine in 1846, many inventors sought to improve on his basic design, leading to patent disputes. Howe’s rival, Isaac Merritt Singer, received a patent in 1851 for an improved sewing machine, but Howe sued Singer for patent infringement. Singer continued to improve on his own model, adding a foot treadle for hands-free operation and a carrying case that doubled as a stand. Singer eventually settled the suit with Howe in 1854.

There Are Confederate Salt Works Ruins All In Our Marshes…

Salt Works

Confederate Salt Works In Our Marshes

Confederate Salt Works
St. Andrews Bay, Florida to Apalachee Bay, Florida
By John Y. Roberts
Wakulla County Historical Society

My grandfather, John Y. Gresham, Sr., (1888-1957) was keeper of the St. Marks Lighthouse situated at the mouth of the St. Marks River, Apalachee Bay, in Wakulla County.  He was the longest serving keeper of that lighthouse, having held that position from 1918 to 1949.  Always curious about the history of that area, as a young boy prior to my grandfather’s death, I asked him many questions.  I recalled something he told me so many years ago that I never forgot.  It was something like this, “Son, not too many people know of this because of the remote and nearly inaccessible locations of them, but all around these salt marshes there are the ruins of salt making works built by the Confederates so they could supply salt to the people and armies of the Confederacy.”  More

Tuesday Night – You Will Be Surprised To Learn….

Forbes Purchase - Most Unusual Event for Wakulla County

WCHS Regular Monthly Meeting, Tuesday, April 10, 7:00 p.m. at the library. The Forbes Purchase, speaker will be Brent Thurmond.
By Brent Thurmond

Many of you might be surprised to know some of the things that make Wakulla County unique.  One such thing is the fact that most of the property in our county was part of an unusual purchase of land.

The Attendance has been amazing! The Quilt Show, Model Cars, and Antique Household Wares Is A Big Hit

Anna Lopez with her quilt

Don’t forget to visit the WCHS Museum and Archives Thursday and Friday 10 – 4 and Sat. 10-2 to view our wonderful exhibits.

Beautiful quilts from modern, Native American, and antique will be on display. There will be a Silent Auction and a chance to win an “Opportunity Quilt”. Antique sewing machines, fabrics, and examples of sewing paraphernalia will be on display. The quilt items are loaned by The Wakulla County Quilters Guild.

Terri Gerrell has on display a wonderful array of antique household implements including kitchen wares.
Also on display is an awesome collection of antique model cars on loan from the Jim Calhoun Family. Model cars built to scale in great detail out of materials like wood, resin, tin, steel, cast iron, and plastic, collectible model cars run the gamut from the commonplace to the exotic.

Come see the latest donation of a Singer Treadle Sewing Machine cir. 1890. Thank you to the Schatzman’s!

Genealogy Meeting

Genealogy Meeting with Deanna D. Ramsey

Join the Genealogy meeting on the 5th of April, the subject will be “Family Tree Maker and Cloud Computing:  Tools for the 21st Century”.  Our guest speaker will be Deanna D. Ramsey.  See you on the 5th of April and bring a friend with you to our meeting,  6:30PM at the Wakulla County Public Library is the place to be for the April Genealogy meeting.

Call Carolyn at 850-524-5334 for more information.

We Love Our Volunteers


We Love Our Volunteers

Thank you to all our volunteers who help keep the Museum and Archives running efficiently. Visit the  Wakulla County Museum and Archives to meet them.

Did you know the dollar value of a volunteer is approximately $21 an hour!

Quilt Exhibit At The Museum and Archives April 6th

Quilt Exhibit Coming
Quilt Shown “The Mona Lisa”

April 6th, Friday, Grand Debut of Wakulla Quilters Guild Exhibit at the Wakulla County Museum and Archives on display April 6- June 3, 2012.

You will not want to miss all the beautiful quilts on display and the fun day planned as the Quilters Guild of Wakulla County will present various styles of quilts including native American designs. They will have examples of fabrics, antique sewing machines,  etc. A silent auction will be held along with a drawing for an “Opportunity Quilt”. The winners will be announced on June 30.  Along with this we will have an antique model car display provided by Jim Calhoun and a collection of earlier dish wares provided by Terri Gerrell.

A sewing machine repair service will be available on Friday, April 6th. Remember, the kick-off will be Friday, April 6th, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The Wakulla Quilters Guild will be available every Sat. for any questions and demonstrations.

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