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Heritage Village Park: Strickland and McLaughlin Homes

Heritage Village Park: 40 acres donated

Heritage Village Park will be come reality on 40 acres which border Zion Hill and Whiddon Lake roads in northern Wakulla County. Among historic homes central to the Park are the Mose and Caroline Frances (Coleman) Strickland House, circa 1889, and the John Archie McLaughlin House, circa 1892.


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One thought on “Heritage Village Park: Strickland and McLaughlin Homes

  1. Sandra on said:

    The Wakulla News

    On Monday night, March 5, 2012, the Wakulla County Commission did a remarkable thing. They unanimously passed a PUD and Comp Plan change for local developer, Ben Boynton. But more importantly, this approval provided for a gift conveyance of approximately 40 acres of land to the Wakulla County Historical Society for development of the Heritage Village Park. This park will allow the Society to move, restore and exhibit a number of old houses that have been donated by Wakulla County families. In addition, the park will enable the society to develop a site plan that provides educational programs, interactive exhibits, interpretive paths and a place for reflection on the history of an earlier time in Wakulla County.

    … This is a great example of a private public partnership that demonstrates government and the private sector can reach compromise that benefits all. It places a great deal of land in a natural state suitable for passive activities we envision, and also allows a planned development to go forward. Both can help the economy, protect natural resources and preserve our county’s heritage.

    The Wakulla County Historical Society wants to thank Ben Boynton, the County Commission and all who were involved. We look forward to development of the Park.

    Murray McLaughlin, Chairman
    Heritage Village Committee

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