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The Grits Eater – Get it at the Museum Shop


The Grits Eater depicts Wakulla County after the Civil War

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The Grits Eater by Clarence L. Morrison

This is the story of Arch Morrison; a Confederate soldier and his story of survival. It tells of his return home to Wakulla County as he walked home from New Jersey post Civil War. From there it continues as he and his family rebuild there lives in the war torn south.

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Happy Founders Day Wakulla County March 11, 1843

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Happy Founders Day Wakulla County

This is the last in our series about Wakulla County’s Founders Day. We have seen so many advances just in my lifetime from working hard to raise your own food, to being able to go to Walmart to buy almost anything. Remember the telephone system, you had to share a line! Wouldn’t our founders be amazed at a cell phone.  Take a look at the brief summary of the events and information about Wakulla County. (click on links to learn more about it…)

Antebellum Wakulla Wakulla County was created from Leon County in 1843.  It may (although this is disputed) be named for the Timucuan Indian word for “spring of water” or “mysterious water

Civil War   During the Civil War, Wakulla County was blockaded from 1861-1865 by a Union squadron at the mouth of the St. Marks River. Confederates took the old Spanish fort site known as San Marcos de Apalache and renamed it Fort Ward.

Geography  According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of 735.74 square.

Demographics  As of the censusof 2000, there were 22,863 people, 8,450 households, and 6,236 families residing in the county.

Places  Wakulla County stands out in one statistical category: there is a near-absence of any municipal population in this county of perhaps 27,000

Transportation  There are several major routes to pass through in the area, including U.S. Route 98 and U.S. Route 319. Other important roads in the county include State Road 267State Road 363 and County Road 375.

Education  Wakulla County is served by the Wakulla school district with 9 schools.

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Reference: Wikipedia.com Visit Wikipedia.com for more about Wakulla County, Florida.

Heritage Village Park: local builder donated 40 acres


Board Members and Commissioner Moore


HVP Representative Jim Calhoun, Commissioner Jerry Moore, WCHS President Cathy Frank, and WCHS Museum Director Cal Jamison on site for Heritage Village Park

Heritage Village Park: Linzy Homes

Heritage Village Park: Linzy Homes

The Ross Linzy House, built in 1904, was moved in 2005 to make way for development. Linzy’s General Store was situated on US 319 South, where Walmart is now located.

Heritage Village Park: Strickland and McLaughlin Homes

Heritage Village Park: 40 acres donated

Heritage Village Park will be come reality on 40 acres which border Zion Hill and Whiddon Lake roads in northern Wakulla County. Among historic homes central to the Park are the Mose and Caroline Frances (Coleman) Strickland House, circa 1889, and the John Archie McLaughlin House, circa 1892.

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